How Printed Tee's Emit Confidence

by T Rainson

Printed Tee's: The Secret to Conveying Confidence


Stop spending more time then needed on your brows!

It almost makes sense why celebrities have them...

Simply because they'd prefer not to have hours of their week taken up by their brows! 

Instead of wasting a chunk of your day and obsessing if your brows are selfie ready...

Microblading is the answer!

Celebrities have been on the microblade train for years. 

Ever wonder why they look so great even without makeup on?

Well... having flawless eyebrows definitely has something to do with it!

Below is some of our celeb favourites that have bid - bad eyebrows, goodbye!


All you need to do is WEAR IT.

Part of the Hutsylife mentality is that ACTION always precedes THOUGHT.

Thoughts like,

"I can't wear this because, i'm not buff" or "I can't pull off this outfit because i'm not Tyler Durden" are thoughts that keep you from ACTING and because you don't ACT, your negative thoughts reinforces itself. 

Instead of thinking, 

"I need to have a supreme level of confidence to be able to pull off a shirt like that."


"By wearing this shirt, I will gain a supreme level of confidence" 

And in turn, having the premise of being confident by simply wearing a shirt others can't pull off, that confidence will extend into everything else you do.