Real Results. Real Sales.

In my 7 years of experience, I have amounted to spending over $1,000,000 in adspend (Present date, It has surpassed $750k)

How I came to gain the experience I have today is soley through the early ambition of learning dropshipping.

Creating PROFITABLE ads was a very large goal of mine. As in my mind, this is the root of all marketing and business development.

In my early stages of learning, I had spent $20,000 of my own savings to understand how to optimize and scale ads.

And over time I learnt how to transition my skills and results to various industries, which includes SAAS, concerts, events and theatrical releases for films.


Building a B2B business of my own

Having to learn how to create profitable Meta ads for dropshipping was the root of all my learning.

However, I decided to test out other methods.

I wanted to leverage Lead Generation, so I tested it for myself.


I was curious about lead generation since there are so many services that exist today.

If I could sell a product, whos to say I couldn't sell a service?

However a very important rule is to create demand before committing to costs for any business start up.

In my own time, I had generated a clientele list of business owners who were seeking a space to rent per lead generation ads.

I had chosen the personal services industry, as at the time, I was seeing someone with a career in esthetics, which had gave me the whole idea.

As I had generated clientele succesfully with lead generation Meta ads, this gave me the green light to search for commercial space.

As my business idea, was to lease commercial space to business owners. To be a middleman in a sense and connect other businesses with my own.

The photo beside is a space of mine that I lease out.

To date i've managed to grow to 5 commercial spaces in Tuxedo and Kensington.


What is Jump Contact?

Jump Contact is a custom is a CRM software that is used by business owners (and us) to help convert potential incoming customers into sales.

Businesses can often miss calls due to being busy on a phone line, receiving calls after hours or being away in general due to other tasks.

This all leads to a loss of revenue.

Essentially the CRM software is connected to trained live agents who answer customer questions with the goal of converting inquiries into appointments, bookings or a message relay.

Business owners can as well view the leads through the CRM software to see the status of all incoming leads and what stage they are on, should they need to step in to convert a potential customer.

What was my role at Jump Contact? (B2B SAAS)

Having to build up my experience in Meta Ads, my task was to generate leads (business owners) who could utilize this type of software.

Essentially I had built a funnel, where those who were interested in using the Jump Contact software would complete a sign up form with their personal contact information + time preference to be reached.

Having to obtain this information, others on the team would close these leads (or myself)

I did as well utilize another method of B2B lead generation which involved scraping public contact information across Google, LinkedIn and company websites so personalized outreach emails could be created to pitch what our software offers, and the problem it solves.

However this was a bit more of a manual process, hence the launch (and training) of a sales team across the country to help handle the outbound reach of the leads I had generated daily.

We had begun locally here in Calgary, but soon I had scaled the company across Canada, as business exist everywhere.


What is Voice Pictures?

Voice Pictures is a Calgary based production company that produces, co-produces, executive produces and co-finances Canadian and International Co-productions.

The company recently completed two festival features “Marlene” and “Bloodthirsty” and is in development on a Canadian Irish co-production.

Focusing on horror films, documentaries and TV series. Films such as "Marlene" (true crime) has screened nationally across Canada in theatres from Landmark Cinemas to locally owned theatres.

What is my role at Voice Pictures? (B2C)

Currently I focus heavily on B2C marketing for the production company,

Increasing attendees ticket sales and viewership for any online releases.

I am the main driving force for viewership on online releases and the film theatrical launches.

Using my B2B methods from previous roles, I pivoted my ad setup for B2C and scale across the country to improve attendance for screenings and online viewership.

Below are some case-studies of real results.

Achieve higher box office sales for your film.

Budget: $10,000
Time frame: 2 weeks
Ticket Sales: $40,000

I have worked with budgets up to $1000 daily, however with the case study, a small budget of $9,000 was allocated.

With a mere $10,000 dollar budget, I was able to produce upwards of $40,000 in box office sales. (Now $50,000)

A window frame of only 2 weeks was given for advertising.

Although this is a relatively small project, it isn't hard for me to scale further. Only more time & budget is needed.

Landmark Theatrical Results: Monday, Single Night Screening

In regards to the case study above, its also important to note that many screenings across Landmark were set for single nights on a Monday. The worst day of the week.

To the left is a screenshot of occupied seatings on a Monday night, single screening, as a result from RVSP ads that were created for the specific theatre.

All theatres across Canada received the same results of 60-70% occupancy.

Higher attendance for festivals & concerts (side project)

I have also had amazing results for many events within Canada.

The correlating image is our results for an electronic event within British Columbia, Canada. And we have absolutely hit it out of the park. We have only had insane success in event RVSP's / Tickets sells.

To the left we have a few campaigns that outperformed, translating a small amount of budget into a large amount of event responses.

Within these events are ticket links to booking towards the Sun Peaks Music Festival. At the very low result of $0.50-$0.80 per accquisition.

Soil & Soul Plant Event (side project)

Local Calgary Soil & Soul had a Plant exchange event, with a ticket price of $10.

This campaign had ran for only 10 days but was able to produce over 50 attendees with a very small budget of $100.

These are the results that are needed to produce a profit for any event, concert or film.

131 RVSPs @ $0.80/Per
200+ Reacts
500+ Ad Clicks
Tons of Shares + Comments

About me

With 7 years experience, i've spent over $1,000,000 USD in adspend and with this, i've grown a very keen eye for optimizing for maximum results with minimum spend.

The biggest specialty I have is lead generation.

I have the ability to increase turnout for B2B sales within the SAAS industry or B2C for services.

There isn't an industry I can't produce results in, I just have to learn about the product in which I am selling.

Overall, the tactics I use can be different from whats used in todays norm, but that is due to thinking ahead and adapting, as the field of advertising is always changing.