The 5 Realities of following your Dreams

by Teddy Hudson

Without dreams, it is possible that we might forget how alive we are and we end up just existing, instead of really living. Dreams challenge us. It gives us purpose.

    • We already have an idea, or a business, or a job, or some game, or something good going for us. We haven’t “lost” in life — we’ve just lost MOMENTUM.

      Without a dream to work towards to, you lose momentum in your life. Without momentum you lose purpose.

    • EVERY person reading this KNOWS what they need to do to achieve their goals.

      They KNOW they should move out of their parent’s house, they KNOW they need to stop playing video games, they KNOW they should be gunning down their dreams – but they don’t.

      You are asking for knowledge to understand; but what you really need is inspiration to execute.

    • There's something that separates the super successful and the pleasantly successful, the individuals who succeed in achieving their dreams and the ones who don't, the strong-hearted and the lion-hearted in the world; the ability to overcome Plateaus.


  • That animalistic motivation you had has decayed, and the relentless pace at which you pursued your goals has subsided into a timed stroll.


    If you’re not poor as shit, dying or starting from “scratch”, it’s self-explanatory to why your motivation/drive isn’t as high as it used to be. Never be complacent.

  • Everyone’s always complaining about how life gets harder as you grow up.


    That’s because these people SPEND their time.

    As they get older, they run out of more and more time.

    Successful people INVEST their time.

    Life should get easier as you get older, not harder.

    Working towards achieving your dreams is the complete opposite of spending your time. You’re doing something that matters to you and you progress towards success because of it.

    People who achieve their dreams INVEST their time.

    This is the key difference between people who succeed and people who fail.