Kick it up a notch.

by T Rainson

Kick it up a notch.

To succeed in whatever it is you want to do, you have to be willing to go as far as possible and venture to a place where others will not.

"You wanna make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs."

Before Kobe Bryant became one of the most successful basket players in the world, without a doubt he’s had to train every single day rigorously, non-stop.

Having to describe what he’s had to do to accomplish his goals isn’t something that we can relate to.

We all have our own mountain to climb when it comes to achieving the desired; however this concept applies to everyone. You have to kick it up a notch.

I don’t care what you do for a living, what fetishes you have,
what dreams you dream, or what hobbies you uptake to pass time.

If you are a professional male dancer trying to make your way to the Russian Royal Ballet, kick it up a notch.

If you spend your day playing Call of Duty and yearn to get a contract with MLG, kick it up a notch.


If you work at retail and have aspirations to become manager, kick it up a notch.

If you compete in Origami tournaments and spend your day making paper airplanes, kick it up a notch.

If you want a torn physique, kick it up a notch.

If you're on your high school basketball team and want to make it to the NBA, kick it up a notch.

If you're a premed student in college who dreams of becoming a successful doctor one day, kick it up a notch.

If you have a 9-5 desk job but have been thinking for a long time about starting your own business, kick it up a notch.

If you smoke weed all day and aspire to achieve a level of euphoria few organisms have ever achieved, kick it up a notch.

"In life, you will either live your own dreams, or someone else's dream." Choose, or someone will make the decision for you